Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

A quarter of the population might suffer from a persistent fungal infection at some stage. It causes brittle, ragged, thickened and discoloured nails. The infection does not go away on its own, and if left untreated, it will spread and can destroy the nail.

Pros of laser treatment

  • Laser treatment is the latest fungal nail cure.
  • The treatment is painless and highly effective.

The laser shines a focused beam of light, which penetrates the infected nail and vaporises fungus embedded in the nail bed and nail plate. The beam has no effect on the surrounding healthy tissue. The Make-up Factory uses laser therapy in conjunction with anti-fungal cream or powder to reduce the risk of infection recurrence.

The treatment
First you will have a consultation with our laser specialist, who will explain the treatment and recommend aftercare measures to prevent the infection from recurring. The first session will take no longer than 30 minutes.

The number of required sessions depends on the severity of the fungus. Usually 2 or 3 sessions of 10-15 minutes, with intervals of 14 days, are required for optimal results.

The price is € 45,00 per toe per session.

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