Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy

is also known as Low Light Laser Therapy is a revolutionary approach that could be the key to overcoming both chronic and acute health problems.

Although this therapy is not yet widely known, Photobiomodulation has been researched by scientists for decades. The compelling evidence shows that the therapeutic wavelength of light has a positive effect on cells, activating biological processes. Photobiomodulation is therefore a proven and effective weapon in the fight against various diseases and conditions.

Laser light's unique ability to penetrate deeply makes it particularly effective for treatments on areas such as joints, tissue, muscles and tendons. This makes it suitable for a wide range of health complaints, including: wound healing, joint and muscle complaints, dermatological, cosmetic and neurological problems.

How does it work?

The laser light penetrates deep into tissues, up to 6 cm, and stimulates the ATP system, which is the 'energy factory' of cells, comparable to charging a battery. This optimizes the function of cells, resulting in an improved cell network in your body. The light from the laser initiates photo-biochemical reactions in the cells, leading to positive physiological responses. This naturally accelerates the healing process and strengthens your body's self-healing ability, ultimately leading to a noticeable improvement in your health and well-being.

PBM helps with Pain and Inflammation

In essence, photobiomodulation contributes to reducing inflammation, promoting repair processes and relieving pain, making it a promising therapy for various conditions associated with pain and inflammation.

Photobiomodulation gives your body
a Boost

Did you know that your body is a breathtaking network of no fewer than 60 trillion cells? Here's the interesting part: by revitalizing inactive cells, we not only give those cells a boost, but we also optimize the entire cell network. Because cells never work solo - they are like the links in a powerful network. And when those cells are at their best, the entire cell network runs better, and you feel better! It gives your body the boost!

What makes PBM unique?

PBM is a smart technique that activates your own self-healing capacity. It is a painless method, without any risk, side effects or harm, and unique in that it activates your own internal biological processes, without adding external substances. A short treatment duration makes it even more attractive, only 8-20 minutes.

The treatment:

The 1st treatment starts with an intake of 45 minutes.
Followed by a Laser treatment of 8-15 minutes.
Costs for the first intake €60
The Laser treatment is painless and requires no side effects or recovery time.
Improvement is often noticed after 2-3 sessions
The duration of the number of treatments varies depending on the severity of the complaint, usually ranging from 3-8 weeks.
A course of treatment is necessary for optimal results
Cost; now temporarily introductory price of € 45.00 per unit.

The Laser treatment is:
painless | without risk | non-invasive | without side effects | fast | effective | 100% natural | scientifically proven | without recovery time | non-toxic | promoting recovery


Photobiomodulation Laser Therapy;
Recover Faster, Relieve Pain and Inflammation, Without Side Effects!

Effective for many conditions:

Acute and chronic pain
Broken bone
Burnout / Overload
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Circulation complaints
Brain trauma / Cerebral infarction
Heel spur
Skin improvement
Pneumonia / Lung complaints
Neck complaints
Nerve pain
Tendon complaints
Muscle strain
Tennis elbow
Wound healing, including open wounds, diabetes

Also discover the Beauty Benefits
of Photobiomodulation

  • Youthful Fresh Glow: By stimulating blood circulation, promote the growth of skin cells
  • and increase collagen production, Photobiomodulation gives your skin a radiant glow.
  • Accelerated Recovery with FBM: FBM accelerates the skin's natural recovery process, causing damaged tissues to heal faster and less scar formation.
  • Some FBM treatments are recommended before and after surgery, which leads to a 10x faster recovery with minimal scar tissue.
  • After an accident, FBM significantly accelerates the healing of wounds, FBM is also a solution for long-term open (diabetic) wounds.
  • Scar Reduction: FBM effectively promotes cell turnover and blood circulation, resulting in significant improvements for both new and old scars.
  • Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis: FBM provides effective results for stubborn and difficult-to-treat skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. Our approach is specifically aimed at reducing inflammation, making Photobiomodulation a promising solution for managing these skin conditions.

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