Which laser treatments does The Make-up Factory provide?

We specialise in the removal of tattoos, permanent make-up, age spots, couperose (fine blood vessels) and radiation spots.

We also offer fungal nail therapy.

Another of our bestseller is the Carbon laser peel, also known as Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation, a scientifically proven skin-improving treatment.

What does laser treatment involve?

Laser treatment is the safest and most effective way of removing unwanted tattoos, age/pigment spots and permanent makeup.

Lasering a pigment spot often requires 1 or 2 treatments. After treatment, the treated skin will be temporarily darker for a few days. A treatment lasts a maximum of 30 minutes, the skin feels warm after the treatment.

How does tattoo or permanent makeup removal work?

The YAG Laser safely removes the pigment of tattoos and permanent makeup by breaking the pigment with bursts of light that reach beneath the surface of the skin. After a treatment, your body will flush out the ink, partly via scabbing of the wound and partly by absorption of the lymphatic organs, and eventually eliminating the particles from your system through the kidney.

Tattoo removal

Do you regret getting a tattoo? The Make-up Factory specialises in the removal of tattoos.

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Permanent makeup removal

Has your permanent makeup been applied incorrectly? We can remove botched permanent makeup.

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Couprose removal

Do you have red blood vessels on your face and would you like these reduced? We can remove couperose.

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Carbon Laser Peeling

The carbon laser peel treatment stimulates the skin to renew and rejuvenate collagen. The process combines laser technology and medicinal activated charcoal (carbon) powder.

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Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Do you suffer from nail fungus infection, also known as tinea? At The Make-up Factory we treat fungal nails with laser therapy.

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