Meso Whitening


Do you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, or do you have pigmentation spots on your face or neck? Then this is the ideal treatment for you!

No camouflage pigments or bleach, but a new serum from Italy is the new miracle cure. This serum is applied to and in the skin via the derma pen, very superficially, the skin is slightly or barely damaged, the skin only becomes slightly red after the treatment. So the recovery period is minimal! And immediate results can be seen, but 10 days later the result is the best

After the treatment you will receive a cream to rub in the dark circles or pigment spots, this helps the process to break down the melanin (dark discoloration).

The next treatment may follow two weeks later.

Several treatments are needed to break down the discoloration.

Some advantages:

  • Painless treatment
  • Fast result
  • Very short recovery period
  • Suitable for dark circles
  • Suitable for pigmentation spots/hyperpigmentation

How many treatments do you need?

This depends on the dark circles or amount of pigment spots. On average 1-5 treatments.

Can I have this treatment if I use Botox or Fillers?

Yes, you can, a few weeks after the last Botox treatment.

I suffer from an active acne outbreak, can I be treated with Meso Whitening?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Duration: 30 min. |  per zone € 75,00  face € 125,00

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