Removal of Radiation Tattoo

Before radiation treatment one or more dots are tattooed on your body to mark the exact spot to be targeted. These dots will remain visible and can be an unwelcome reminder of a difficult time in your life, especially if they have been placed on an exposed part of your body and resemble a blackhead. In one or two laser therapy treatments we can completely remove these dots.

Laser treatment is the safest and most effective way to remove unwanted age spots, tattoos and permanent makeup.


Tattoo ink pigments can be removed by our laser system, which breaks up the pigment with bursts of light that reach beneath the surface of the skin. Your body will flush out the ink, partly via scabbing of the wound and partly by absorption of the lymphatic organs, and eventually eliminating the particles from your system through the kidney.

Treatment Aftercare

The treated skin may feel a bit warm and irritated for a day or two. A scab may form on the removed dot, but because the dot is so small, any discomfort is negligible.

Price per treatment is € 45,-

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