Super Facial Oxy Geneo

A facial treatment that makes the skin glow

What is an Oxy Geneo super facial?

We use Oxy Geneo technology for this. This is an anti-aging treatment where you get the best results in the shortest possible time. Suitable for all skin types. Gives a fresh look to the skin.

The Super Facial is a 3 in 1 treatment

1. Exfoliation (Mild Scrub)

The special capsule exfoliates (peels) the skin in a mild way, removes excess dead skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb the active ingredients better.

2. Infuse

A special gel rich in active ingredients is used. These active ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin through the combination of exfoliation and oxygenation from within.

3. Oxygenate (oxygen supply)

The gel causes countless carbon dioxide bubbles to burst against the skin's surface. The body responds to this by sending oxygenated blood to the skin. The volume will improve.

The treatment is relaxing and painless.

Super Facial 3 in 1 € 74,50 p/t

This treatment can be expanded with two additional treatments:

Super Facial 4 in 1

4. Tripollar Radio Frequency Treatment

For example to tighten a jawline. The radio frequency intensively heats the skin, causing collagen fibers to contract for a skin-tightening effect. It is a safe and pleasant treatment with immediate results.

You get the best results with a course of 6 treatments, once a week.

Super Facial 4 in 1 € 118.00 p/t.

Super Facial 5 in 1

5. Ultrasound

is a treatment that temporarily reduces the density of the skin layer, creating small gaps between the cells and better absorption of specific active ingredients into the skin.

This process is completely safe for all skin types. This application is very suitable for sensitive skins such as rosacea or rosacea.

Super Facial 5 in 1 € 139.00 p/t.

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