LED-Light Therapy for Beauty & Health

What is LED Light Therapy

LED stands for: Light Emilting Diode.
Therapeutic wavelengths of light.

LED-Light was developed by NASA, for experiments with plant growth and later it was used for wound healing in astronauts in space. Since then, however, researchers have shown promising results in wound healing and human tissue growth.

LED-LIGHT has been scientifically proven!

Although LED-Light is not yet very well known, the positive effects of this light therapy have been demonstrated in many studies since the 1990s.

LED Light allows for more efficient cell function with increased energy capacity.

This is according to many scientists the reason that LED light therapy gives such good results in:

  • Skin improvement, skin rejuvenation
  • Skin repair after surgery, caesarean section, disease
  • Skin problems; acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scars
  • Reduction of pain (chronic and acute)
  • Faster growth/recovery from bone fractures and tissues and skin
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Reduction of joint pain, osteoarthritis, muscle pain
  • Faster wound healing (also with diabetes)
  • Less acidification in muscles (athletes)
  • Improved blood flow
  • Bruises/wounds heal faster, bruises after fillers/botox
  • Alzheimer's disease/ recovery after brain hemorrhage
  • Mental problems stress / depression
  • Fatigue/ burnout

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The Most Powerful LED-Light Therapy

100% Natural
No side effects
FDA approved
Therapeutic Medical lamps
Not invasive
Scientifically proven

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What LED-Light treatments are there?

Full Body Light Therapy

Unique in the Netherlands!
We are the first with a Full Body treatment. This is the most powerful LED-light out there. Special is that it has 4 different wavelengths.

This treatment is for everyone a pleasure, lie down, relax and meanwhile the best LED Light Therapy is working.
For cell regeneration and recovery. Extremely suitable after surgery, illness or burnout.
Scientifically proven; 57% faster recovery with LED-Light therapy!

Duration 30 min. | cost  € 55.00 p / h.
Course 12x € 450.00 is € 37.50 p / beh.

For a good result, several treatments are necessary.
A course is therefore recommended, 2x a week.

LED-Light Therapy for the face

For skin improvement, anti-aging, acne, scars

Duration 30 min | Cost € 45, - p / h.
Course 6x € 240, - is € 40, - p / beh.

LED-Light in combination with a facial treatment
is only € 14,95

How does LED-Light work?

LED-Light therapy emits red and/or almost infrared light, the LED light has different wavelengths to which the body biologically reacts positively. This effect is called photobiomodulation. You can best compare photobiomodulation to the photosynthesis of plants, without the sunlight, plants cannot grow and recover.

Science has now shown that LED light therapy stimulates cell division and production of new cells and repairs tissues. The specific wavelengths of light penetrate our cells, the ATP, which is like the main "energy factory" of cells, are stimulated by the light. As a result of this ATP energy boost, there is faster healing and repair of bones, muscles and other tissues.

The selection of the right wavelength is crucial in LED therapy, as each wavelength has its own specific characteristics. In addition, the power density; the strength/power of the lamps is also of great importance. We have done extensive research and work with the best equipment available today.

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