LED Light Therapy
for skin improvement

Why LED-Light therapy?

The Make-up Factory is always looking for scientific substantiation of products and equipment.

The LED-Light therapy is an addition to this. Extensive scientific research has shown that LED-Light therapy works! Hospitals all over the world are now working with this LED-Light therapy. We therefore work with a scientifically proven medical device.

You will see results after just one treatment. However, we recommend that you take the LED-Light therapy as a course of treatment. The most optimal result is achieved with 6 to 12 treatments. This of course depends on the age, skin type and skin condition.

A treatment lasts 15-30 minutes.

LED-Light is suitable for all skin types, is painless, soothing and has no negative side effects. The skin does not need recovery time after the treatment.

Contra indication:

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding mother
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypersensitivity to light.

There are several symptoms to treat:

  • Acne/Rosacea

Blue light contains properties that calm inflammation in the skin and reduce the bacteria that cause acne, for example. Blue light also reduces sebum production and improves skin balance.

  • Anti Aging

Improves sagging skin, lines, sallow skin, superficial scars and large pores. The red light enhances cell activity. In addition, this form of therapy stimulates the production of collagen, accelerates blood circulation, increases skin elasticity and thus improves the skin.

  • Accelerated Healing

LED light therapy can also be used excellently after, for example, a microdermabrasion treatment or an operation such as an eyelid correction, face lift, skin transplant, or caesarean section. The LED light reduces pain and swelling. And the recovery time is shortened, research has shown that the skin recovers 57% faster using. LED Light treatments.

What is LED-Light?

Light Emitting Diode.

Therapeutic wavelengths of light energy.

LED-Light was developed by NASA for experiments with plant growth in space. However, since then, researchers have shown promising results in wound healing and human tissue growth. The positive effect of this LED light has been demonstrated in more than 40 studies.

The rejuvenation of healthy skin was a happy coincidence.

If light energy has the right wavelength, the cells in the 2nd skin layer will convert the energy into a 'full tank of fuel'. The fuel the cell uses to do its job, to produce collagen and elastin.

In other words: LED-Light is a light source that easily and quickly gives a lot of energy to your skin, energy that you need to make your skin extra vital again. With that extra energy, even backlogs are eliminated and the skin is improved.

price €45,00  p/t  (30 min.)
cure 6x €240,- (€40,- p/t)

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