Business Make-up

Online traffic is bigger than ever. Digital meetings, video calling, online conferences, online events, YouTube videos, e-learning, webinar, online entertainment, annual results presentation, or an online debate, presenting yourself well is very important. A well-groomed appearance radiates confidence. And many studies have shown that a well-groomed appearance also gives self-confidence!

'As long as your hair is in the right place, the rest will follow automatically .. 'is not often said cheerfully for nothing!

Beauty studio The Make-up has all the expertise in-house for this.

Business Make-up personal advice
A personal make-up workshop, tips and tricks on how to look well-groomed quickly, how do I accentuate my eyes and with which colors?

Business Make-up & Hair work for all your Online events.
A professional make-up artist at your online event, provides make-up and hairstyling for all your speakers, chairman, guests and artists. No shiny heads, no red noses, or crazy upright tufts of distracting hair. Everyone looks well-groomed.

Business Make-up & Hair work for your Smoelenboek or Team overview.
The staff is beautifully made up and the hair styled. Of course this is done in consultation with the staff, everyone prefers to remain themselves, but then a little nicer!
Photo shoot and make-up session can be done at your location or at the beauty studio in Amsterdam.

Business Make-up for Linkedin photos.
Get the best out of yourself and present yourself professionally with a beautiful business make-up look that suits you.
This can be done at your location or at the beauty studio in Amsterdam.

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