Henna Brows

Henna Brows is different from ordinary eyebrow dyeing because you also dye the skin. This makes the eyebrows look fuller and you do not have to start drawing your eyebrow yourself after a week.

Henna is a natural product

The difference between chemical paint and henna paint is that chemical paint soaks into the hair and covers it completely. Henna only puts a protective and colored layer over the eyebrow hairs and absorbs into the skin.

Henna is available in different colors

  • An ideal solution for those who are allergic to chemical eyebrow dye.
  • Ideal for people with less full eyebrows, because the skin colors along.
  • Ideal for blond people, Henna has beautiful light colors and it is nice that the skin colors with it.
  • Henna contains no ammonia or oxidant, is 100% natural

Henna Brow treatment

The skin is degreased and scrubbed, so that all fat and dead skin cells are gone. Then the eyebrow hairs are cleaned with a special shampoo, so everything is grease-free. Then the Henna Tycoon paste is applied in a nice shape, it has to be absorbed for 15-20 minutes, after removing the Henna the hair and the skin are colored.

An advantage of Henna is that you can draw a tight shape with paint that absorbs into the skin, for an effect of full eyebrows.

The Henna stays on the skin for up to 14 days, and on the eyebrow hairs for 4-6 weeks.

The eyebrows should not get wet for the first 24-48 hours after the treatment.

Then avoid everything on the eyebrows, no cream, grease, scrub or water, then the Henna will stay longer.

If the eyebrows have recently been painted with chemical paint, then there must be at least 2 weeks between them before you can paint with Henna.

Duration 35 min | Price € 35.00

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Henna Brows Amsterdam

Henna is a 100% natural product. If you like tight eyebrows, you can also paint the skin with this. Ideal for people with few eyebrow hairs.

Henna brow treatment in Amsterdam for long-lasting beautiful eyebrows.

Henna eyebrow treatment Amsterdam

If you want Henna Brows in Amsterdam, come to The Make-up Factory. Henna brows come in a variety of colors, not just red or black. Ideal for blond people, because Henna Tycoon has beautiful light colors, the skin is also colored, giving you a fuller effect and a long-lasting result.

Best Henna Brow salon Amsterdam

Are you looking for a salon for Henna Brows in Amsterdam, we are the brow specialist for Henna brows, Microblading and eyebrow styling. At The Make-up Factory you have come to the right place for the best eyebrows.

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