Vitality is good for business

It is essential for employers that their employees remain healthy. Due to the ongoing covid pandemic, we are constantly confronted with the facts of how important our health is.

What is vitality?

Vitality is also literally translated as 'life force', the degree to which a person is powerful and energetic.

Sustainable employability

For sustainable employability, it is important for employers that their employees remain healthy and fit, both mentally and physically. Of course everyone is responsible for their own health, sufficient exercise and sleep, healthy eating and relaxation are of great importance. But that is not obvious to everyone. Our approach is not to interfere with health, but to seduce and inspire.

Me time

Your work, family and social life consume all your time and energy. Recognizable? Then taking time for yourself is important, allow yourself or your staff 'me-time'.
In order to remain vitally balanced, it is important that you regularly build in recovery time. Hard work means relaxing hard. Taking a breather, clearing your head, or recharging the battery, often makes you feel better and you can start again with fresh courage.

Investing in a preventive health program for your organization is worth it.

A study by the World Economic Forum into vitality in the workplace shows that healthy employees are more productive and are less likely to be absent. Therefore, invest in promoting vitality and relaxation of your employees.

What is a Vitality Booster?

It relaxes, nourishes and improves.

They are relaxation treatments, the recipient of this Vitality Booster chooses a treatment of his choice.

This can be a

  • being a massager,
  • a facial,
  • a collagen booster,
  • chair massage,
  • special back and shoulder cupping massage,
  • makeup advice,
  • make over,
  • or a new haircut,

just what an employee wants. You can give one treatment as a gift, or a course of several treatments.

Give your employees regular relaxation

  • this way you stay ahead of complaints
  • Stress blocks whole parts of our brain, recovery time is essential
  • With relaxation you can sleep better, with a good night's sleep you recover better and it gives you more energy.
  • Taking care of yourself is good for your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A well-groomed appearance comes across as professional
  • the power of a well-groomed appearance always has a positive effect

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